Sunday, May 18, 2008

Special Language Points

(During book presentation by Mr. Grivas, April, 2008)

1. My brother is becoming more ____ idiot every day.
a. as an c. than
b. than an d. of an

2. You’re ____ much of a coward to stop him.
a. too c. very
b. so d enough

3. The two political parties are ____ a muchness. It’s hard to choose between them.
a. too much c. as much
b. much as d. much of

4. It’s ____ much the joke that’s funny; it’s how you tell it.
a. very c. too
b. not so d. so not

5. She was ____ for her experience.
a. not the worse c. none the worse
b. not the worst d. none the worst

6. This beach is nowhere ____ clean as the other one.
a. far from c. as near
b. next to d. near as

7. You bought much ____ much oil.
a. so c. too
b. as d. of

8. They received no help ___.
a. however c. whatsoever
b. whichever d. wherever

9. She’d just as ___ study nearby as move away from home.
a. soon c. sooner
b. soon as d. sooner as

10. Their attitude makes it ____ more difficult to come to an agreement.
a. all the c. the all
b. all the all d. all

11. We were in danger - ____ much so that I feared for our lives.
a. as c. such as
b. such d. so

12. It ____ that the train has been delayed.
a. must well be c. can be
b. can well be d. may well be

13. Waterskiing is difficult; surfing ____.
a. so more c. all more so
b. so more so d. more so

14. We can get more money if ____.
a. need be c. need is
b. be need d. is need

15. ____, she takes the eight o’clock bus.
a. As often than c. More often as
b. So often as d. As often as not

16. ____ often than not, he comes home late.
a. Rather c. All too
b. As d. More

17. If that’s what you really want, so ____.
a. it be c. be it
b. be d. to be

18. We’re going to London tomorrow, ____ what may.
a. to come c. be come
b. come to d. come

19. The answer’s wrong but, ____ it may, at least you tried.
a. be that as c. as that as
b. that be d. come what

20. I’ll help you with your project. I’m sure you would do ___ for me.
a. as much c. such
b. so much d. as so

(I'll be posting the answers shortly)

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