Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The ring (by Angeliki)

My favourite film is “The ring”. It is a horror-drama film. There are three sections of this film: The Ring Virsus which is the original Chinese horror film, The Ring 1 and The Ring 2. There is going to be a “Ring 3” in 2009 but this is not certain yet.

Plot and Actors

The director of the Ring 1 is Hideonakata, who is Chinese.
The main story begins with Rachel (Naomi Watts) and her son (David Dorfman).
There is a tape which shows a horror film, but it is actually a curse. Samara is a girl whose ghost is wandering because her mother killed her and threw her into a well.

Strongly recommended because of its adventurous and exciting plot.
Excellent actors with various backgrounds and LOTS of HORROR!!


Lily said...

Έλα Ντοράκι, εδώ είμαι. Πολύ δουλίτσα τελευταία, δλδ, δουλίτσες διάφορες και τρεξιματάκια. Αααα το ring της αρέσει? Το έχω δει. Δεν μπορώ να πω ότι ξστρελάθηκα αλλά καλό είναι. Φιλιάααα!

Lily said...

Ντόραααα, έλα στο Blog μου, έχεις προσκλησούλααα!

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