Friday, May 2, 2008

The notebook (by Marianthi)

The movie takes place in a small village 60 years ago.
Ali was a pretty girl from a rich family and one day she went to Seebrook on holiday. One day, Ali meets Noah, a handsome but poor young man who lives in the village. Noah falls in love with Ali, but she doesn’t like him, they fight all the time.
Gradually, Ali falls in love with him and they spend a lot of time together.
Ali’s mother doesn’t want her daughter to be with Noah, so she takes her far away.
Noah sends her letters but she never receives them because of her mother.
Later Ali meets a rich man and accepts to marry him.
Her plans change though when she sees a picture of Noah in the newspaper, leaves her fiancé and goes back to Noah.
This story is written in a notebook they read it when they are old, although Ali does not remember a thing…
A very romantic story…

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