Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Comparison between Greek and German schools (by Christina)

First of all the marks are different. In Greek schools the best mark you can get is twenty and the worst mark is zero. In German schools it is different too. From the first till the tenth class you get 1-5 (one is the best) and from the tenth class you get 1-15 (15 is the best).
The classes are also split in another way. In Greek schools you go to elementary school (1st – 6th class), then to Junior high school (gymansio) for 3 years and senior high school (lykio) for another 3 years.
Before you go to the next class you take exams in the end of each year.
In German schools you have to do thirteen years, but some regions have changed it to twelve.
Students at German schools have to take exams during the whole year and not in the end.


Anonymous said...

wish our buildings our teachers our books and many other things were like the german ones or the australian ones!!!
ah filenada!!! me ayta poy eho dei stin australia pote pote me piani to patriotiko mou k leo ...tora tha ftiaxo ena protypo sholio gia ta ellinika dedomena tyfla na ehun ta idiotika edo pou katantissan kapia apo afta san ta dimosia!!

Jenny said...

Hey, I do not want to sound like a "i-know-it-better-person", but I think I give you some information as you seem to have some wrong ones. The marks in German schools are from 1-6 during all years! An the "exams" during the year are called classroom tests. For two years it is now that at the end of the 8th class and at the end of the 10th class you have exams. They are called in German Zentrale Abschlußprüfung for the 10th class and Lernstandserhebung for the 8th class. As I said just want to let you know it.

dorapap said...

This was written by my student Christina, who goes to the German school in Greece. She is referring to German "Gymnasium", she forgot to mention Realschule and Hauptschule, as well as their diplomas (the ones you mention). I have already posted an article about the German school system and its sturcture earlier myself. Thanks for the extra info!

Anastasia said...

It was very interesting to read about the school system in Germany. In Switzerland, high school and university students are assessed from 1-6 (6 being the highest mark)In Cyprus, we have the same school system as in Greece except that at the Junior High grades go from A to D, although tests and exams are marked numerically from 1-20. Grade 0 has been abolished.