Thursday, December 13, 2007

The best Christmas I've ever had by Marianthi

Last Christmas, my family and I went to Germany to visit our cousins. We took the plane and after a few hours we were there.
My cousins have a house in Düsseldorf in a very nice area.
Everything around is green and full of trees and parks. You can go for a walk and get some fresh air.
It was a great week; we had a fantastic time because the family was all together.

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Anastasia said...

Your student Marianthi reminds me of MY student bearing the same name. My Marianthi is not as good at English but she is trying hard ! Loved your description , Marianthi. I've been to Stutgart,Freiburg, Munich, Berlin and Frankfurt but not to Dusseldorf. But my German teacher was from there and I remember him telling us about Dusseldorf and showing us videos... Indeed, there's so much green and such great buildings !