Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Inspired by Craig’s idea, I thought I could post some links and videos about rainforests and tribes for my students, as we talked about that in yesterday’s lesson.
(Cool English 3 – Burlington books, Lesson 18)





Tribes that may “become extinct” due to the forest destruction”

Maori (New Zealand)


Lakandon (Mexico)

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Anastasia Marou said...

Do you know how many tropical rainforest plants have been identified as having anti-cancer properties? Or how many continents around the world contain rainforests? And just how quickly are the world's rainforests disappearing?Today, more than half of Earth's original rainforests have all been destroyed, victims of unsustainable agriculture, ranching, logging, mining and other destructive practices. These stresses have increased enormously in the last 50 years alone.

I believe, Theodora, that we need to increase awareness of the threats as well as of the benefits we all get from rainforests which constitute the lungs of Planet Earth.

Wow ! Lesson 18 already ? I'm still in lesson 8 in Cool English 3Can't do more than an issue monthly with 2 50-minute periods a week