Thursday, October 4, 2007

Students' projects

Starting projects with students again. This is Giannis, 2nd year German introducing himself - children have to learn how to say things about themselves for the Fit exams as well as using it in real life situations.

This is Konstantina, 1. year German - she drew the alphabet, making little things out of each letter. I found it really artistic, if I worked in a classroom I'd have put it on the wall!


efi said...

Aαα τα μαθητούδια..ελπίζω να μη σε παιδεύουν Θεοδώρα!

Anastasia Marou said...

You're doing a great job , Theodora mou ! I wish I had the time to do a website for my students ! It's the best way to motivate kids ! Congrats !