Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sliding doors

One of my favorite films would be Sliding doors with Gweneth Paltrow. It's a story of a girl in England who just lost her job and returns home by train. And then the "bizzare" beginns. Two realities: What happens when she misses the train? What happens if she catches it?

I was looking for films last summer, when I wanted to do a movie project with my students and this one was my first choice. Unfortunately I couldn't find the DVD (it was rented), so we worked on "Burne identity" instead"

But I thought I should put the lesson about Sliding doors over here as well. I have to mention that this was the first idea I had about a lesson and Craig helped me a lot!
Lesson plan:
Students watch the film, either at home or if there's much time, in the classroom.
Ask students if ther is a single moment that would have changed their lives.
Then as homework they have to write a paragraph or a dialogue about it.
They could even act it out in the classroom and video it for thei own blogs.
As a discussion topic: Is it better to know such things as a cheating partner?

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Anonymous said...

I've seen this movie too and liked it very much. Awkward but nice.