Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Real Madrid - Olympiakos (by Giannis) - Newspaper Project

Madrid (Bernabea), 24.10.2007
Incredible, magnificent, dramatic and very interesting match. Real Madrid won this game with many goals and gave a very big show.
Olympiakos had many chances, but only 2 goals.
The teams went to the changing rooms with one goal each.
In the second half, Olympiakos scored the first goal and made 1-2 but Robinho with 2 more goals took Real to victory (3-2).
In the end Real made the last attack and scored the last game’s goal. The score became 4-2.
It was really a fantastic match!

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Anastasia Marou said...

I've always thought that only men are naive enough to run after a round rubber mass.... Now what's the word ? Ball ??? Well, Olympiakos is not a team really ... compared to ...AEK ! ΑΕΚΑΡΑ ΟΜΑΔΑΡΑ... THIS IS HUBBY'S BRAINWASH !