Saturday, October 27, 2007


Most of the kids nowadays are familiar with computers and the Internet.
What I started doing with my students lately, is make them look for information and present me with a small project on the subject.

It can be anything (football, shopping, toys etc)

This was written by my student Marianthi - we were reading an article about the big department store “Macy’s” in New York, so we googled it and found some info about its history and what it has to offer. We also browsed clothes and shoes (girls are girls)

Marianthi had to write a composition about it for homework and here’s the result:


Macy's is a shopping center in New York, where you can find everything you want, clothes, shoes, furniture and many other things.

The story of this store beginns like this:

In 1850 Rowland Hussey Macy arrives in New York and opens a shop that is named "Fancy dry goods". His tatoo becomes the shop's sign. It is one of the most recognizable retail marks of all times.

Macy's is the first store with window shopper in 1864.

In 1866, Margatet Getcheli is the first woman who does business, when she is promoted to store superintendent.

"Be everywhere, do everything and never forget to atonish"

In 1924 upon the competition of the new 7th Avenue addition, Macy's is declared the World's largest store.

1942-1944 during world war II, Macy's donate balloons, providing 650 pounds of scrab rubber for the war wffort.

In 1941, Macy's is the one and only store with the "true" Santa Clause!!

1974. Spring is back and the flower show returns to Macy's after 5 years of absence.

In 1976, Macy's make a bang by sponsoring the first annual "Macy's fireworks spectacular"

In 1982 Macy's raised nearly $22 million for increasing social awareness of HIV/AIDS

In 1994 Macy's becomes the largest depatrememt store retailer in America.

1997 Macy's hits the worldwide web with the lanch of

2006. Macy's welcomes it's newest stores with over 800 locations across the nation


efi said...

Great homework!Congrats to yr student and you!

Capt Kirk said...

Macy's is a wonderful store. Great merchandise, double the quality and 1/2 of the price you will find at most Greek stores. If only we could bring a Macy's to Greece. Maybe one of your rich Greek students can bring the franchise once they receive their inheritance from their families.