Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sunday morning

One of the last chances to go out as a family today, since I am going to the hospital on Tuesday and the week after I am starting work again

Aristotelous street is a very central part of Thessaloniki, with lots of shops, cafes etc.
Today it was packed with tourists. everywhere you turned, you listened to another language!!

Next stop St. Theodora's church, one of my favourites I might add.

A wonderful ceiling painting - I always wanted to take some pictures, but I never got my camera with me!

Our walk ends at "Terkenlis", a famous pastry shop with delicious, mouthwatering desserts!!
Have a great Sunday!



Αμάν, βρε, κορίτσι μου! Τα έβλεπα που τα έβλεπα στον ύπνο μου τα τσουρέκια του Τερκενλή, ανάγκη ήταν να τα δω μπροστά μου ολοζώντανα; Πώς θα κοιμάμαι τώρα πια τις νυχτες;;;

Ζαφειρούλα, http;//

Anastasia Marou said...

I guess the desserts at Tserkenlis cost less than ....let's say $1000 or should I run after anyone from Vardinoyiannis family to get one ? LOL !

ioanna said...

Telika mou fainetai pws tha erthw syntoma Thessaloniki.... mou xrwstas ena kerasma (ena cafe) kai meta se paw Terkenli gia glykaki... tha kerasw kai egw gia na mhn les!!!!!!