Thursday, September 6, 2007

How to shut noisy kids up!

I couldn't help but post this video!!! Maybe I should start doing that myself in noisy classes?


Jenny said...

I know it is a bit strange and unfair to laugh over this. But I couldn't help myself. LOL
Can you send me the video, I have a friend, who I have to send it, too.
Love, Jenny

Ioanna said...

Γιατι επικρατεί ο χαμός στο σπίτι μας παρόλο που ο μπαμπάς μας είναι αστυνομικός???? Δεν φοβούνται εκείνον... εμένα τρέμουν....

efi said...

Lol, the best way i think!
Kids are always kids, they'll never give up to start a mess..
God with you Theodora..take a cop also with