Wednesday, August 22, 2007

summer is coming to an end...

And I am still tired!!

This will be the last weekend on the beach. After that, lesson planning, visiting book exhibitions, calling up students (I've started doing that actually) and getting down to work.

I have a lot of ideas for this school year and I am sure I am going to try many things, because I will only be working with private students, I will have the equipment (pc, mobile phones, camera) and I will not have so much control. I hate exam oriented lessons, and although in Greece everything is passing the exam, I think I can help my students doing other things as well.

I want to use video a lot this year, and continue last year's projects (movie and book reviews, descriptions, songs, interviews etc)

At this point I'd like to thank Craig for all his wonderful ideas - and for letting me use them!

I hope I can be as productive and I wish everybody a great new school year


Anastasia Marou said...

Theodora, I also believe that teaching any subject in private tuition shouldn't be exam oriented. Unfortunately, most students whether they take individual lessons or not are interested in some kind of exam or qualification. If your students pass their exams you're a great teacher, if not, you're a bad teacher ! I must admit that I am an exam oriented teacher and I do my very best so that my students get their exam qualifications. However, in between exam-practice, I show them videos or play songs. I couldn't believe 14 year-olds loved The Beatles! But, unfortunately, most of the time is spent on exam practice !

efi said...

Kαλή σχολική χρονιά Θεοδώρα!Είμαι σίγουρη θα κάνεις το καλύτερο για τους μαθητές σου!

teacher dude said...

I'm glad that my ideas are being used by others. Shame to think they stayed gathering dust in some drawer.