Thursday, August 30, 2007


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Started lessons this week - poor Petros, he has to put up with me every day!
It is very strange actually, students have started calling me and it is still August. In the past years I had to call them and lessons would begin end of September!
It's the first time this year that I don't have to wait for a Frotesterio (language school) schedule. I am on my own here!! Hurray!
The money will not be that much and I won't have any insurance, but still, it is a relief that I won't have to answer to anyone but myself!!


Anastasia Marou said... time you will see that not having to answer to anyone but yourself is such a great reward that money can't buy. Naturally, being your own boss is not a bed of roses, yet it can be very rewarding ! I wish you from the bottom of my heart great new beginnings and a very prosperous new school year ! Mine begins on the 10th ! God help me ! Filakia !

Anastasia Marou said...

By the way....Petros looks so cute and super cool like you ! Don't give him a hard time !!! I mean ...only if you must !

efi said...

Xίλιες φορές καλύτερα μόνη σου, κι ας είναι λιγότερα τα λεφτά..Μακάρι να μου το επέτρεπε κι εμένα η δουλειά μου, να μπορούσα να δουλευω χωρίς τον καθένα πάνω από το κεφάλι μου..