Friday, July 27, 2007


I thought I should give some info on the places I am going to visit this summer, starting with Toroni.

I have been visiting this place for more than 30 years, I am technically a "local". Although the place has changed a lot over the years, many things have stayed the same.

The memories will never go away ...

Let's start with some historical facts about the place (The alien will love this!)

Toroni (Τορώνη) is a municipality in Chalcidice, Greece. Population 4036 (2001). The seat of the municipality is in Sykia (or Sykea).
Toroni is named after the ancient city of Torone (Toroni)
The ancient city was named after Toroni with Proteus the mother of Telegonus and of Polygonus, both killed by Heracles, whom they had challenged to a contest in wrestling. (Apollod. ii. 5. 9)
In the 8th century BC it was founded by colonists from Chalkis. In 424 BC Toroni supported the Spartans against the Athenians
Toroni was conquered by Philip II in 348 BC and by the Romans in 168 BC
The ancient harbour of Toroni is now under water.
The church of Agios Athanasios from the 6th century in the region was destroyed by a fire, only a Mosaic remained.

There are lots of things to do over there. Of course spend endless hours on the wonderful beach or drink coffee at the beach cafes, have a delicious meal in the numerous taverns or just take a walk in the evening, enjoying the views.

And you can visit many places nearby if you get bored!

For me this place is more than a village with a nice beach and a historical interest. It's my childhood, my adolecence, my adulthood. It's a matter of love and hate actually...

Since it is probably going to be my last time there, I guess it will be time to remember.


Jenny said...

Why do you go for the last time?
Hugs Jenny said...

You're so lucky to live in this area, Theodora. I've already put it down on my list for my next visit to Chalkidiki... It's sheer beauty !

maria_pin said...

Love Chalikidiki myself, and I was in Toroni last year! I wish I could go every year- unfortunately Vourvourou was very disappointing!!

Welcome home Dora!