Saturday, July 21, 2007

On our way home!

Home sweet home!!
The beach is wonderful, but I cannot survive there for more than a month!!
I have been in Halkidiki since June 30th and I can say I really enjoy the fact that I am home at last!!
I will be going back in a week, I just came home to experience the wonderful heatwave and then head back to the beachhouse for a week or two!!

Here is some videos I made with my son on our way back, in the car! We are having some fun - sorry it's in Greek only but unfortunately he doesn't speak any other language yet...

And a little joke!


Anonymous said...

Oh hmm, you're not enjoying yourself, Theo san??? Too much water in the sea, perhaps??? :))

Have fun this week in the city!


Alexandros^ said...

Ante, kalws orises sthn trela ths polhs. Bebaia kai ligh trela den kanei kako :P