Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Killing orders

I know I have been complaining a lot about having all that stuff to do at the beachhouse, but I have found some time to read a book. Craig and some students of mine were kind enough to lend me some books for the summer.
I just finished Sara Paretsky's "Killing orders". A detective story, I like those! I'm a kind of person who loves a good mystery!
From what I could tell, the author has written a series of books with the same character, a woman detective called V. I. Warshawski.
To tell you the truth, it reminded me a lot of Sue Grafton's Kinsey Milhone, which is the same type of stories.
A good read for the beach though!
Do you have any good books to recommend?


Anastasia Marou said...

I'll look for it, Theodora. Thanks for the recommendation. I am a great fan of Agatha Christi and generally love detective the pricking of my thumbs something weird this way comes !! Books to recommend...
Nine Needles by James Thurber
Great Expecattions by Charles Dickens
Darkness at Noon by Arthur Koestler
Buzzing Death by Anthony Hastings

And I'm currently reading for the 3rd time To Meli Egine Kentri by Kali Karatza

Jenny said...

Hi Dora! I just have finished a very good book. But I have given it to my sister and do not remember the English title or the author correctly. In German it is called "Der Gottesspion" It takes place tow years ago when the pope died. Very fascinating as it is something we still all have in our mind I guess. Right now I am reading "Creepers" by David Morrell. I am in the middle of the book after two and a half day and it is very exciting.
Hope you are having a nice holiday anyway although you have the work in the house.
Love and a big hug,
Jenny :-)

efi said...

Eγώ διαβάζω κυρίως ελληνική λογοτεχνία..Μερικά ενδιαφέροντα βιβλία :
1. Hθελα μόνο ένα αντίο (Π.Τραυλού)
2. Η γυναίκα της σοφίτας (Χ.Δημουλίδου)
3. Ερως, θέρος, πόλεμος (Ε.Φακίνου)
4. Μιά στιγμή στον άνεμο (Α.Brink)
Kαλό διάβασμα!