Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sunday morning!

As I promised my blog will have a more "summer" look from now on, although I'll be posting some of my students' work as well, since my private lessons are still going on and my pupils still want to "contribute" to the net project.
But I will start sharing some of my private life here as well. It has been very time consuming to keep up with 2 blogs lately!
Sunday mornings are dedicated to my son. We take him out to the park, for a walk or just visit a friend. This time we took his friend Pashali with us. Sotiris played with them, while his mum and me enjoyed our coffee at the nearby cafe (lucky us!!!)

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Anastasia Marou said...

Please tell Yiannis that he honestly reminds me of Angelos Charisteas ! Same style ...How's your mum ?