Saturday, June 16, 2007


I was cleaning my drawers today and I came across this page. It was part of a yearbook we made with my classes, in print and not on line.
Before the yearbook idea, we used to keep a file with all their work (compositions, projects, tests), a kind of a portfolio. Some students kept these files through the years, others threw them away.
At the time it was only drawings and written projects, collages etc. But then new technology came. Everybody got a mobile phone, mobile phones got cameras. The kids took pictures of themselves in the classroom and of course during our “field trips”. (At this point I’d like to mention that it is very difficult to organize a trip or a visit somewhere, even if it’s 2 blocks away from school. Not many language schools do it, but due to my initiative, my “kids” did go to a lot of exhibitions and events.)
I used to gather these pictures and put them together, with their projects as well and used to give it to them every single year. I do think most of them have these projects-booklets still in their bookcase.
This year students, their friends and their families can see their projects and pictures on line. I hope you guys like the idea and please keep contributing to this page!
Thank you!


Anastasia Marou said...

This is simply brilliant, Theodora ! I really loved the kids' cool faces and smiles as well as their great comments. After all, isn't that our greatest reward for us teachers ?

teacher dude said...

Good on you. I need to do something like this.

Anonymous said...

Χαχαχα φοβερός ο μαθητής σου "να οικονομήσουμε κανένα βαθμό"... πέθανα στο γέλιο!

Τα παιδιά είναι η χαρά της ζωής και εγώ παίρνω μια ικανοποίηση όταν τα βλέπω στο τέννις.