Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My trip to Athens (by Giannis)

By Giannis G. (11)

A few weeks ago I went with my school to Athens. We began our trip on Friday morning. We arrived to Athens at 2 o clock First we visited the Foundation of the Hellenic world, where we saw an interesting film about the ancient Greece.

On Saturday we went to the Greek Parliament and the Archeological museum, where we learned a lot about the Greek culture and history.

Afterwards we had a delicious lunch at Plaka and then we went shopping at Monastiraki. You can find many souvenir shops in this area.

On Sunday we visited the Acropolis and the small museum near it. The Acropolis was a temple of the ancient Greeks.

I had a great time in Athens and I want to go there again.

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Christine_Alitisa said...

I enjoyed looking at the photographs and reading about your trip to Athens. I especially like the photographs of all the grammaphones! They are so cool!