Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Movie time! Christina suggests!

Top 3 Horror films

Saw I
In the film "Saw", the main character named Jigsaw wants to make people repect their lives. He brings these people into dangerous situations at the same time these people have only a slim chance of surviving. In the end of the film only one girl survives and becomes the successor of Jigsaw

Stay Alive

Stay Alive is a film about two kids, who play a computer game and they die in the same way they die in the game. You can only save yourlife with roses, because the roses can kill the spirit before the spirit kills you. At the same time you cannot stop playing the game because you play it to DEATH and only if you get the roses you can survive.

Final Destination I
On the way to a class trip to Paris, Alex has a dream that the airplane exploded. After he had woken up he runs out of the plane and a teacher and some kids get kicked out of the plane as well.
Only a few moments later the plane exploded in the air. While the students and their teacher survived, death comes and gets them one by one. Everyone dies in a different way. Only one woman avoids death but she ends up in a mental hospital

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Alexandros said...

Too much horror for me I am afraid. I beleive tha the hole style of "horror" movies has changed. Too much blood is involved and too much cruelty :(