Saturday, May 5, 2007

Artemis' project

This time I used Craig's idea about an article of the New York times comparing Seattle and Thessaloniki. So I gave the article to my students and asked them to read it and write something similar from their point of view.

The responses were great! I promised Artemis to post her work on my blog, so here it is!

P.S. I haven't corrected it!!

Comparison between Seattle and Thessaloniki
By Artemis K.

Thessaloniki, founded in 315 BC, is the second biggest city in Greece. Its prefecture has a population of about 1, 3 million. None of these facts, though make this city “the Seattle of the Balkans”.
It is more the same form and structure of their harbors – the similarities on a satellite photo are so many that one can be easily confused!
But this aspect is not the only similarity Thessaloniki has to the largest city in the Pacific Northwest region of the US. Seattle, also called “Emerald City” thanks to the evergreen trees in the surrounding area, which has a population of 3, 3 million, shares more similar aspects with Thessaloniki: both cities have Mediterranean climate, despite the fact that Seattle is the northernmost city in the US. In addition, major events that had marked both cities’ history include the “Great Seattle Fire” of 1889 and the “Great fire” of 1917 in Thessaloniki with bad consequences for the citizens.
All in all, Seattle and Thessaloniki are both major port cities and industrial, commercial centers, with many interesting annual events and a great number of tourism.

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