Monday, March 19, 2007

Happy birthday...

Have you really wondered why we actually celebrate our birthday? Is it really a special day the day we were born? And why after a certain age we try to hide how old we are?
Is it just another occasion to remind others that we exist?

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Eva said...

I think we celebrate because we are happy to be alive, to be, to exist... Although I rarely make a big party, I usually enjoy myself and buy myself something I really enjoy. That's better for me than presents from others, btw. Yes, I wonder why people hide their age... I don't - I enjoy my age - it is not only 'getting older', but also and really experience, some more wisdom, a different way to see your life and it's values. I think that most people change a lot in their way of viewing life and what is important to them after forty - you'll see! :D Anyway, people should not be ashamed to grow older a) it happens to everyone, and b) it's enjoyable, too. And GOSH! We should show these 'youngsters' that we enjoy ourselves, too!! {{{Hugs!}}} (Sorry that I have missed YOUR birthday, so you'll get some extra kisses NOW!! :D