Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Xmas 2016: Lesson ideas with Maria!

Day 21 and we are going to Amyndaion, Greece to see what Maria and her students have been doing

Decorate the Christmas Tree. A quiz with a twist!
                                by Maria Vlachopoulou
It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Thus, I find it very challenging every year to introduce English Christmas customs and traditions to my students. They may already be familiar with some of these from films, songs or books.
This year I have decided to spend a few minutes in every lesson in December introducing a piece of information for Christmas, which students had to write down in your notebooks and learn. On the last lesson before Christmas we are going to have a Christmas Quiz in teams and see what we have learned! This is my plan step by step!

STEP 1: In  every lesson we do a little bit of something about Christmas. I have chosen to talk about Christmas food, Christmas traditions, Christmas decorations, the names of the Reindeer, information about Santa Claus and the Elves, to read a simplified version of “A Christmas Carol” and do a worksheet* on it and to listen to Christmas songs and Carols-you can find some nice videos here.**

STEP 2: I have prepared some cards with questions from what we have done all these days.

STEP 3: I have divided my students in teams, giving each team a colour, for example a red team, a green team etc. Each team will get a handout with ornaments***, which they will have to cut and colour  according to the colour of their team.

STEP 4: On the day of the quiz, I will put up a big Christmas tree on the board-or draw it if it’s not easy to make. The teams will play in turns. For each correct answer the team puts an ornament on the tree. The team with the most ornaments wins!
Ø  Variations: You can adapt the quiz depending on your students’ age or level. For younger students you can just teach some Christmas vocabulary and do the quiz with flashcards. For older students you can prepare harder questions.


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