Tuesday, January 6, 2015

One word for 2015 #OneWord

Although I have already written my New Year's Resolutions for 2015 or better Small Goals, I read Vicky Loras' post and I got jealous!
It seems there is a new "trend" or "Challenge" in the Blog-o-sphere and teachers around the world express the word which will define them in 2015.

Well, I guess my word will be #MOVE.

Moving on to new possibilities to my teaching. This means mostly that I will have to explore ways to keep teaching, not necessarily face to face. I think I can set up an online business someday, somehow, as long as I can find my niche. This can happen if you have the right connections in my opinion and I am working my way towards that.

Move away from negative people. There are people who judge you no matter what you do, right or wrong. And I really don't mind if somebody tells me that I am doing something wrong. What I really hate is when they always find you at fault. Or when I have done something without noticing and people stop talking to me and I don't know why.

Move off to a new territory. And this is my new "moving project". Teaching through moving. I have a lot ideas for this, I really don't know if I can make it in 2015, nut I'll keep trying!

Move towards a healthy lifestyle. Not live to work but work to live. No more stress. Healthy nutrition and exercise (something that has been been left behind these last months)

Be moved by real people. And when I say real, I don't mean the internet, I mean not fake (true with their feelings)

Move and keep spinning!!! 

And no matter what,  keep moving and have some FUN!!!

PS. A bit of vocabulary practice:
  • move on: stop one thing and start another
  • move in: move to a new house
  • move away: leave
  • move out: leave your home
  • move over: move to the side
  • move towards:  tend to favor a particular conclusion.
  • be moved:  to stir the emotions:

Saturday, January 3, 2015

30 Small Goals...

This year I am going to write 30 small New year's resolutions (small goals to be more exact).
They will not be strictly professional though:

1. Find my niche ( not necessarily do only that though)
2.  Work towards an online lesson business
3. Find online students
4. Use TED talk lessons
5. Learn how to use Edmodo
6. Learn how to use Wiziq
7. Learn how to make a PayPal account
8. Work on my "keep on moving" prezo (I really don't know if we can make it this year, but still I have to try)
9. Find a "theme" for an online presentation
10. Work on my teaching skills as a "young learners" teacher (I have rarely worked with small children and although I have lots of materials on teens and adults, I have to find more on the young ones)
11. Read more methodology - pedagogy and German books
12.Teach a class again (at least one hour! I miss being in a classroom)
13. Brush up my Spanish
14. Learn a new language (Turkish or Russian preferably)
15. Design new lessons and activities
16. Read more literature with my students (at least an excerpt once a month)
17. The same goes with songs and music, use at least one song or music piece - activity
18. Experiment on a Flipped classroom
19. Try to teach something new, for example presentation techniques or activities development etc
20. Work on a presentation in German (not necessarily present it...)
21. Learn how to cook. Experiment on one new dish once a month
22. Spend one day a month offline
23. one hour without looking at my phone every day
24. Spend time with my son doing something alone together at least once a week
25. Take up running
26. Take part in the next marathon (goal is at 10km but if I don't have time to train, 5 is ok too -5km in 30 mins tops)
27. Instruct a spinning class at least one time ( I miss this so much)
28. Go to the 5 -6 days a week (never miss practice)
29. Start eating healthy (5 small meals a day, no sweets, no alcohol, less bread, more fruit and veggies, at least the ones I can eat - allergies) and avoid allergic attacks
30. Organize a charity event (I hope this works)

Monday, December 29, 2014

Working on students' presentations

This year I had to experiment myself and my students on new exam styles, mostly because not all students are the same and some are stronger in certain skills than others. As I have mentioned before, language certificates are very important in Greece and they have to have one by the age of 15-16.
Although I don't agree with this and my main goal is to teach them how to speak and write and express themselves the best they can, I do have to work towards exams.
So, with this particular student, I "discovered" a relatively new exam (I will not mention the name though, I don't want to make this an ad), where you have to prepare some kind of presentation on subjects you choose.
You have to choose a book, an article and something else you like, let's say a place or a hobby and analyze it orally and written.
Now that the exam is actually over, I thought it would be a pity not to publish my student's work!!

Friday, December 26, 2014

India? Why not? English Learners World e-magazine

Just after my presentation in July at the iTDi Summer MOOC, I was contacted by a Indian teacher, who was trying to create an e-magazine for English teachers in India.
He asked me to write an article, basically a summary of what I had mention on my talk about goals!!
I didn't give it much of attention, I did write the article though, mainly because the person who asked me was really kind.
Today I got his first issue of the magazine, with really interesting articles in it, including my summary on the "setting goals" presentation. ( I am on page 44)
A big bravo to my Indian colleague, Amandeep Singh for his wonderful work and everybody who contributed to this issue!

You can find the issue over here

Friday, December 19, 2014

Xmas blog 2014

This year I decided to do more things with literature, especially Charles Dickens and Christmas carol.
So I found various activities and videos on the subject.

  • Information on Charles Dickens, his work and life in London in the 1800's in an animated way over here:


  • An animated old version of Christmas carol over here:(lasts 25 minutes, so you can also watch it in class)

  •  If you want a longer and newer version, you could also use this one (1.08 mins)


  • For higher levels, a narration of the story :


  • Reading ideas from British Council:
  •  Lit2go:

  • And last but not least... How about songs? 
A word- Karaoke from :  http://lyricstraining.com/

Merry Xmas!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Happinness is....

I thought this prompt by Sylvia Guinan, would be an excellent idea for a blog post!!

The first question that came to my mind is "why do we teach anyway?"
For some, it is just another job. You had this opportunity to go to a school and "teach", get the book, say your stuff and go home.
For some others, teaching is their whole life. Sometimes you spend more time with your students or preparing, reading, studying, than "living".

You don't do it to get rich, but it is important to you to "spread" your knowledge, to open a new horizon to somebody, not just in the field you are an expert.

For me every day is just a little happiness.
Communication is everything.
For me it is not just teaching a language.
  • It is when they learn something about the country, the culture, the civilization, the traditions.
  • When we read something from a newspaper about a new discovery in whatever subject there is.
  • When they trust my with their problems, and they do trust me more than their parents.
  • When something good has happened and they send me a message to tell me.
  • When in they beginning they don't want to start lessons and when the first lesson comes to an end they are excited (and they just can't hide it)
  • When we sing, dance and have fun!
  • When students remember me after years and call me to see how I am doing
  • When I see students become great teachers themselves
For me they will always be my kids!