Sunday, November 11, 2018


What I have been doing for years with my students ( and I personally do it on Instagram), is tell them to get pictures on their way to school or home and describe what they see. Maybe it's a beautiful car or a cute stray cat.
But it's a way for them to express themselves in English in writing or speaking.
Here is an example of  a story one of my students wrote (with a bit more imagination than usual) - pictures were taken with her mobile phone and GIF's were added from the Instagram app.

I woke up at 7.30 to go to school. I thought that it would be a boring day like every day. I went out from my house and I started walking to school.
Suddenly  I felt that something was following me. I turned around but I didn't see anything, so I kept walking. I arrived at the park where I usually wait for my friend and I heard strange sounds near me.
I asked a passer-by, but he didn't see anything.

The strange sounds went on and that moment three strong creatures appeared in front of me. They were neither animals or people. I was terrified. I tried to communicate with them and I tried to find out who they were and where they were from. I couldn't understand what they were saying, so I tried to find another way to communicate with them . Their language didn't look like a world's language. I started to think that they were aliens! I was scared, but very excited as well.

The time passed and when my friend arrived, I felt relieved and I asked her if she could see the aliens, that I was seeing, but she told me that she didn't see anything. I felt strange and I couldn't;dn'y understand what was going on. I explained to her what happened and she started to laugh.
Suddenly I heard my mum's voice! "Wake up! Time for school!"
I couldn't believe that it was just a  dream and nothing else

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