Sunday, December 6, 2015

My ELT Blog Challenge

This week my very favourite subject: Multiple intelligences.
I came across this wonderful series of books and I could not put this book down!
It contains activities for all levels and all intelligences and there is even a section with proposed activities using your course book as well, whatever coursebook it is!
In the first section, the book contains general MI activities with lots and lots of ideas.
The second section proposes activities you can do with your students with the coursebook, like interviews, poem creations, cinquains and metaphors)
The third section is called 'looking in' and has to do with the intra-personal intelligence. A bit of soun searching? An activity that impressed me the most in this part of the book, was 'listen with your mind's eye', how to read between the lines, how to understand the meaning of poems.
Finally, the last section has to do with self - management. My favourite; 'the story of your hopes and dreams'  and lots of brainstorming.
I am really enthusiastic about this one mainly because it gives you the chance to be creative and adjust the activities to your students needs, strengths and weaknesses.
It presents a variety of things you can do in a classroom, in pairs, even in one to one lessons with a little adjustment.

Hopefully next week with a new book!

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