Sunday, January 23, 2011

How do we learn best?

Have you ever thought why is it that you are good at doing some things but you're completely useless in doing other things?
How was it when you were at school? Maybe you were excellent at maths but when it came to writing essays or learning new vocabulary, you just couldn't do it?
Does this mean that you were/are a bad student? Does it mean that you are more talented in certain areas?
I was wondering about that myself until I came across Gardner's theory.
According to Howard Gardner, a very famous American linguist, intelligence is not only being good on one subject like science or language. He suggests that there are eight different types of intelligence that exist in all of us and some types are more dominant than others.
If you know your type, you could find ways to help you study more easily.
1. Linguistic ( word smart)
If you love reading, if you enjoy doing crosswords ,playing word games and you probably have talent in speaking and writing, that's your dominant type.
2. Kinaesthetic (body smart)
Do you like doing sports? You can't stand still? You love doing things with your hands? Then you can learn better by doing things
3. Logical (number smart)
Are you good with numbers? Do you plan your moves? Do you like games like chess? People like you can easily fing solutions to problems.
4. Visual (picture smart
Can you find your way easily? Can you visualize things when you try to remember something? Is geometry your best subject? Do shapes mean something to you? Then you can learn best using pictures and charts.
5. Musical (music smart)
Do you love music? Do you like singing? Maybe you can learn language just by hearing it!!
6. Naturalistic ( nature smart)
If you like observing nature, if you are curious about how things happen, if you love animals, this is your type.
7. Interpersonal (people smart)
Are you good with people? Do you like communicating? Do you love helping friends? Maybe you are a natural leader? If this is your type you can learn more easily in a group of people discussing things...
8. Intrapersonal (myself smart)
This type has to do with getting to know yourself. You like doing things alone and you are often quiet when you are with other people. You are very sensitive.
You can do an online test to find what's your dominant type
From what I understand all types exist in all of us. Some more and some less.
So what do you think? What is your type and how do you learn best??

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