Sunday, October 24, 2010

My favourite teacher (by Konstantina)

The idea was a composition about their favourite teacher. Normally I wouldn't post something like this since it is not an original idea (it appears in almost every textbook) but since it is about me and I was so "moved" ... here it is...

My Teacher

My teacher Ms Dora is my best teacher.
She has normal height and she is thin, but she always thinks that she is fat! She has brown hair now but some time ago she used to be blonde. Her eyes are brown, green, blue... I also like her nails very much...
Ms Dora is different from the other teachers. She's into technology and she loves her PC. She's a dynamic woman, who everybody loves.
My teacher hasn't only taught me English and German. I have taken from her many things. Now I know everything about astrology!!! I am kidding!
I learn from her how to get through!
Except from language teacher she is also a good mum and she loves going to the gym.
She also teaches me yoga, dancing, thai chi, pilates, making videos and how to spend my future husband's money!!! (kidding again!!!!)
I like having lessons with her because we talk about many things. We listen to music and we laugh a lot. We have a good time.
She is funny, but not a good singer.
She is very nice, but when we get on her nerves we must run away!!
She loves me very much....


Katerina said...

This is simply wonderful. Doesn't it make all your effort worth it? I guess that is what all teachers want to hear but very few of them do. Your students realise that you put your heart and soul in your job and it obviously pays off. Keep up the good work Dora.

dorapap said...

I do give my heart and soul for my "kids" - Being a teacher doesn't only mean teaching the subject be being there for them...