Saturday, April 12, 2008

Uwe Kind live!

And the time came! I arrived at Goethe Institut at 4 pm, impatiently waiting to meet the "master" himself! I was pleasantly surprised - he is a really simple person, full of energy! Before we started, he wanted to know all about us and our students!

We started with a great relaxation technique and a "virtual" journey to Japan!! We learned our first Japanese(!!) words and believe me, it was really fun!!

We worked on most of his songs, Mr Kind was kind enough to give us 3 CDs with his music as well as notes with his songs and suggestions of what we can do in our lessons!
In the end of the seminar, Mrs Vavatzanidis and her little students demostrated a couple of his songs with great success!

Goethe Institut had also held a buffet with snacks and drinks during our wait to the concert!

The concert afterwards with a unique experience, the music real loud, everybody dancing and singing! Even people who hadn't planned to come, listened to the music passing by and came in with cameras and mobile phones to "catch" the moment!!

It was a fantastic experience!
A big thank you to Mr Uwe Kind and Goethe Institut for everything!
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Anastasia Marou said...

Sounds like the party rocked ! Although this music is not really my cup of tea, I greatly enjoyed the video and the photos!