Saturday, October 13, 2007

Clothes game

I have seen something like that in a language learning show for kids – it was at least ten years ago. I made some adjustments and here it goes!
This game is to practice vocabulary (clothes and colors), as well as adjectives (especially in German)
Lesson plan:
After the students have been taught the needed vocabulary, ask them to bring clothing items to school. To make it funnier, clothes can belong to their parents, grandparents or older siblings.
Divide children into pairs
Then prepare cards:
“My uncle is wearing red trousers, a green T-shirt and a yellow jacket”
In German, the teacher could either write the whole sentence, for example:
“Mein Onkel trägt eine rote Jacke und eine gelbe Hose”
Or give them the words: „gelb, Jacke, rot,
Hose“ in order to practice adjective declination as well.
Each group gets one card.
One student reads and the other tries to wear the clothes.
To make it more interesting, give them a time limit.
The group that performs the task more quickly and correctly is the winner.
This is a video I made with my students George and Fotini.
A big thank you to the kids who participated and to their mother who let me make the video.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha, how did they enjoy that? Great teaching method..

Anastasia Marou said...

Super cool kids ! Bravo to George and Fotini and to their great teacher, of course !